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Thermoset Molded Standoff Insulators

MetPlas is the source for quality thermoset molded standoff insulators

Standoff Insulators are another addition to the extensive portfolio of capabilities that MetPlas offers the electrical distribution industry.  Our standoff insulators are molded from a flame- retardant, track-resistant, glass-reinforced thermoset polyester molding compound which is recognized for current carrying devices under UL Material Recognition Number E 80533 (N).

As an excellent alternative to ceramic and porcelain standoff insulators, our molded thermoset insulators are shatter resistant and provide superior dielectric properties even at elevated temperatures and in humid environments.

If you are currently using another brand of standoff insulator we can cross reference the part number and provide you with a superior Glastic and/or Mar-Bal insulator that meets or exceeds all of the same specifications.  Please click on this link for a cross reference chart.

  • Transformer standoff insulators
  • Panel and switchboard insulators
  • 5 KV standoff insulators
  • 13.5 KV standoff insulators
  • 15 KV standoff insulators
  • 600 V standoff insulators
  • 1.5 KV standoff insulators
  • And more…

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality insulators with a quick turnaround and competitive pricing.  Call us today at (800)827-1900 or email us at

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Standoff Insulators