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New Metplas Website Goes Live!

Just launched on Monday, our new website will provide an informative, user-friendly format that will navigate visitors through our diverse capabilities and provide information that is useful to a broad range of visitors. Some of the highlights of the new site include:

  • “Engineering Tip” at the bottom of each Capabilities page offers insights we’ve gained over several years of working with engineers. They are basic concepts meant to offer engineers simple ideas that could yield huge cost and functionality benefits.
  • “You may also be interested in” at the bottom of each Capabilities page provides links to other Metplas services that relate to the service you happen to be reading about. Over the years we’ve grown our services with the idea of complimenting what we already offer so it is likely that we have additional services you could use that you may not be aware of.
  • Mobile and desktop friendly. If you haven’t already viewed the website on your phone give it try.  You’ll notice that it is very easy to scroll down through the site and easily get to your area of interest.
  • Regular Updates- We will continually add new information, company updates and pictures to the website so we encourage our customers to visit the site frequently to learn something new and provide us with feedback about the site.

Please visit the Contact Us section of the website to send your comments and suggestions.  Thank you!