Workplace Safety a Priority at Metplas

Workplace Safety a Priority at Metplas

Maintaining High Safety Standards at MetPlas Paves the Way to the 5-Year, 0-Lost Time Milestone

Any company that engages in manufacturing must think safety first; but MetPlas has other plans. MetPlas not only regards safety as the top priority, but it is also prominent in the company’s monthly primary goals and objectives report.

Through this extra effort, MetPlas passed an important milestone this past October: Marking five years without a lost-time accident.

“We believe this is an outstanding achievement, considering our primary work is in CNC machining, waterjet cutting, punching, and assembly,” said Russ Garrett, Senior VP/ General Manager. “That’s not exactly a light-duty work environment.”

Many of the largest OEMs in the Electrical, Medical Device, and Rail Transit industries work with MetPlas. The company is based just north of Pittsburgh, PA.

Achieving this five-year mark does not come without hard work and dedication by the entire team at MetPlas. Metplas operates a Safety Committee, comprised of production, support and management personnel. The Committee also teams with EHD to manage risk and maximize performance. EHD assists with safety committee training and auditing to identify potential risks, and keep the team’s knowledge about safety issues, current.  “EHD is PROUD to partner with MetPlas to help mitigate the WC exposure there and we look forward to continuing our loss prevention efforts there.  Safety is a team achievement and your results reflect this.” – Mark M. Zukowski, Vice President & Branch Manager, EHD – Pittsburgh

The Safety Committee meets monthly to review recommendations from Safety Officers, who perform monthly comprehensive safety inspection of the facility. They then either report their findings or correct the issue immediately, on the spot.

MetPlas continues to invest in safety-related activities and training, such as First Aid/CPR classes, AED, and an employee recognition program for demonstrated safe work.

“We employ husbands, wives, moms, and dads from our community, and they deserve a safe working environment, every day,” said Russ.  “People are the most important part of this company, so of course our top priority is to keep them safe.

“It’s the best investment we make.”