Busbar Fabrication

We have the flexibility to provide low volume busbar orders all the way through high volume OEM busbar fabrication.  In addition to our flexibility with quantities we are also diverse in our fabrication and machining capabilities.  We’ve supplied bus that has been:

  • CNC milled
  • CNC turned
  • Punched on turret and Ehrt
  • Bent on press brakes or Ehrt
  • Waterjet cut

One of the first questions that arises with busbar is the plating requirement.  We offer busbar that is:

  • Pre-flash silver or tin
  • Post-plate silver or tin

Engineering Tip: If you are OK with your plated busbar having exposed copper in the holes and the ends then specify “pre-flash” for the plating spec.  It’s your most cost-effective option because the material arrives to us with the tin or silver already on it rather than having to send it out for a secondary plating operation. Questions?  Contact Us.



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