Waterjet Cutting

Our Flow waterjets are some of the best in the industry but it’s our operators that set Metplas apart.  We have a combined 20+ years of waterjet cutting experience, providing critical parts to the nuclear industry, medical devices, electrical safety equipment and several other demanding applications.  Waterjets offer the following advantages:

  • Burr-free edge
  • No heat-affect zones
  • Minimal setup time
  • Tighter tolerances with thicker materials
  • Tight nesting of parts within sheets to minimize wasted material
  • Broad range of material cutting capability including plastics and high-hard alloys

We provide:

  • Max capacity 12ft long x 13ft wide
  • Dual-head hyperjet for efficient production quantities
  • Dynamic cutting heads eliminate edge taper
  • Typical tolerance +/- .010” but material and part configuration influence this


Engineering Tip: A couple of the biggest cost drivers in waterjet cutting are the tolerances and number of holes or cutouts.  Tolerance drives cost because the tighter the tolerance ,the slower we have to cut.  Each hole and cutout requires a piercing operation which takes additional time.



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